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          Precautions for processing steel bars by cold heading machine


          Precautions for cold heading machine processing steel bars:
          1. The relative fixture should be selected according to the diameter of the steel bar.
          2. Check and confirm that the center of the mold is free from cracks. Correct the concentricity of the upper and lower molds and punches, tighten the bolts, and do a good job of safety protection.
          3. After starting, it should be idling first, adjust the air tightness of the upper and lower molds, check the punching mold to make it align, confirm the normal operation, and put it into operation.
          4. The machine does not reach the normal speed, and the head cannot be upset. If the upsetting head is uneven during the upsetting, the gap between the punch and the fixture should be adjusted in time, and the punch and guide block should be sufficiently lubricated.
          5. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to replace the shaft, pin and change the angular velocity, and do not wash and apply oil.
          6. It is strictly forbidden to bend the steel bar that exceeds the diameter specified on the machine nameplate. Wear protective glasses when bending steel bars that have not been cold drawn or have rusty skin.
          7. When the low-alloy high-strength steel bar is bent, replace the corresponding mandrel according to the maximum diameter of the conversion of the mechanical nameplate.
          It is strictly forbidden to stand on the side where there is no fixed pin near the bent steel bar and the fuselage during work. Semi-finished products should be stacked neatly and the hooks should not face upwards.


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