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          Maintenance of automatic screw rubbing machine

          The biggest difference between the automatic screw threading machine and the screw threading machine is that it is automated production. And automation belongs to the whole process control, including feeding, length control, quantity statistics and machine heading movements. They are all automatically carried out, not much manpower required. The whole process of production only needs workers to take out the finished product and pack it.
          Let's talk about the maintenance and maintenance of the screw automatic threading machine.
          1. The machine tool must be cleaned once a day to clean up the dirt and ensure that the oil passages are unobstructed.
          2. Please use high-quality oil for lubrication. If the oil is severely darkened and has serious impurities, it should be replaced immediately.
          3. The new machine tool starts to be used for 10 days-the oil must be changed for the first time, and the second and third intervals should be 30 days apart-and then every 50 days.
          4. Lubricate the whole machine before starting it-idling for 5 minutes before starting to work.


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