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          Screw and automatic locking screw machine

          Screw and automatic locking screw machine are closely related, they influence each other and help each other. Work in coordination between them can affect the heading machine can work normally, the most direct factors and feeding mode, the electric batch, screw supply, such as series of accessories, these parts will automatically lock screw prices to bring huge range, price is every customer concern, so should have a good understanding of screw machine influence of screw and matters needing attention?
          Although the screw is only a small fastener, the screw has not stopped improving. Feeding mode of automatic locking screw equipment: hook plate feeding, vibration plate feeding, drum feeding, screw feeder feeding, etc. The most difficult to understand is the screw feeder, which uses vacuum suction or magnetic suction to send screws, and then the electric batch and then a screw lock to pay. Even sometimes and customers say screw supply, do not know what kind of, in fact, it is very small, but the function is not small. Pause automatically lock screw vacuum pump, or vacuum magnet combined with absorbing way, mainly used in mobile phones, tablet PC, keyboard, notebook and other small electronic screw M0.8 ~ 2.0, a screw supply supply two electric group, alternate automatic screw lock pay, unmanned operation, the former location put the product on the fixture, after locking screws, the location, in accordance with the operation, the loop Lock pay screw efficiency 1.5 seconds per.
          Characteristics of self-tapping screw: wide gap between teeth, no need to cooperate with other fixers, but through its own rotation to soft objects such as wood, aluminum, plastic, etc. Tapping fixed teeth.
          Mechanical screw features: tooth lines are dense, and must be compatible with other firmware, such as nuts, etc.
          According to the material can be divided into copper screws, stainless steel screws, plastic screws and wood screws and so on.

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